Paramount Pictures to Collaborate with China Film Co

In one of those behind-the-scenes industry stories that may mean more than fans immediately realize, Paramount Pictures and China Film Co will be working together a little more closely.
Entertainment industry trade Variety reports that China Film Co (a division of the state-owned China Film Group) will be working more closely with Paramount on both the production and distribution side of things. Foreign markets make up an increasingly large portion of the box office take for blockbusters these days, and with the Chinese audience being one of the biggest in the world, more studios are making an effort to ensure their product appeals to Chinese filmgoers. This can often include simple story cues, product placement, or even alternate versions of a film being created specifically for international markets.
From Variety:

Speaking at an event during the Beijing International Film Festival, CFC chairman La Peikang, said that the company hopes to learn from Paramount’s technology and from its business models. They will also look at co-funding and co-production.
Paramount’s vice chairman Rob Moore said that cooperation could cover production, distribution and animation.

While the Variety article doesn’t mention Paramount’s Transformers film franchise directly, critics of the 2014 series entry Transformers: Age of Extinction roundly criticized the film for pandering to Chinese audiences at the expense of the story. Can we expect to see more of this as the franchise moves forward?
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