Fractyl Story By Matt Frank Coming to TCC Magazine

Transformers artist and frequent Collectors’ Club collaborator Matt Frank has announced on his Tumblr that he has written a story starring the upcoming club Fractyl toy to appear in the TCC magazine.

Fractyl dates back to BotCon 1997, where he and fellow exclusive Packrat starred in the very first BotCon comic. The new Fractyl toy, partnered with a pre-beast version of Scorponok, was recently announced at BotCon 2016 for the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 5.0, and is a redeco of that convention’s Terrorsaur attendee freebie figure.
Matt Frank’s story is due to appear in one of the five issues remaining of the Collectors’ Club magazine before its closure at the end of the year. The lead fiction for the magazine this year is ‘Of Masters and Mayhem’ which spotlights membership freebie figure Ramjet and the TFSS 4.0 figures.
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