Boxsets & Exclusives Stock Photos

Hasbro has released stock photos of the various special edition Titans ReturnCombiner Wars and Platinum Edition releases revealed at BotCon!

The Computron giftset includes Scattershot, Afterbreaker, Strafe, Lightsteed, Nosecone and Scrounge.

May Mayhem Protectobot Groove
Protectobot Groove will be released as an online exclusive this May.

Autobot Heroes
The Platinum Edition Autobot Heroes set features previous toys of Arcee, Blurr, Kup, Springer and Ultra Magnus in metallic paint.

Titan Force
The first San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exclusive to be revealed, the Titan Force set includes Brainstorm, a retool of Titans Return Blurr, Windblade, a Fortress Maximus-themed redeco of her Robots in Disguise toy, and Sentinel Prime, in an exclusive clear plastic deco.