BotCon 2016 Custom Class Figure – Ratchet/Medix

The first customization class session for BotCon 2016 has begun, and thanks to Allspark user Defensis Prime, we’ve got extensive photos of the figure, which can be assembled into any one of four different Ratchets, or Rescue Bots Medix!

Update: We’ve added the unpainted version to the gallery as well.
Class attendees can choose to assemble and decorate their figure, from the Combiner Wars First Aid mold, as any one of five designs: G1 Marvel Ratchet, G1 cartoon Ratchet, a new G2-inspired Ratchet, Shattered Glass Ratchet, or Rescue Bots Medix. The Ratchets use the “pretooled” Ratchet head for the mold which we’ve previously seen art of.
As a bonus, attendees are also receiving a custom resin Enigma of Combination, as seen in IDW’s Combiner Wars event, which is designed to peg into the chest of the Optimus Maximus combiner!
Head over to Defensis Prime’s thread on the Allspark Forums to discuss the figure(s)!