Welcome to March Mayhem II: Universe of the Masters!

Way back in early 2015, when the events of “Back to the Future Part II” were still months away, The Allspark established a new tradition: every March, we would pay homage to the heroes of sportsball by hosting our own annual championship of transforming robots. It would be called MARCH MAYHEM, and the winners would be chosen by YOU, the members of the Allspark! We invited members to post their own brackets of who they thought would win, with a prize going to the most accurate prediction at the end of the tournament.
Our first year tied in with Hasbro’s then-upcoming “Combiner Wars” toyline, pitting older Transformers combiners of three to nigh-infinite members against each other. 32 combatants were whittled down to 16, then 8, then 4, then just two, with surprising upsets coming in every round. And in the end, LioKaiser was the shocking winner selected by the people, and Allspark member SoS won some sweet customs from Cheetimus Primal. And now rumor has it that LioKaiser may get his first new toy in two decades, at the tail end of Combiner Wars. Coincidence? Maybe! BUT MAYBE NOT. (Look, we really don’t know, but we’re gonna say choose wisely just in case!)
So a good time was had by all, and as with “Hot Tub Time Machine,” a sequel was obviously inevitable. This year, we continue the tradition of synchronicity with Hasbro’s upcoming toyline, Titan Masters, by selecting our combatants from the Masters of the past. It’s Brains (Headmasters + Brainmasters) vs. Brawn (Targetmasters + Powermasters), with entries from every era of Transformers lore–64 this time, twice as many players as last year! So get in on the action, post your brackets, put your favorite in your signatures, vote for your choices in each round, and let the Mayhem begin!
Combiner Wars Onslaught and Sky Lynx will be shipped from Allspark sponsor BigBadToyStore to the poster whose bracket ends up most accurate to the final results! In the event of a tie, later rounds will be weighted more heavily, and we’ll pick a name from a hat if it ends up totally even.
Check out the “Post Your Brackets” thread to see the full 64-player bracket. To be eligible for the prize, you must post your bracket in that thread either as a text list, image, or PDF by 11:59PM Eastern time on March 14th. If you edit the post or image after that, you won’t be eligible to win (but you can still vote and enjoy the games!), so get those brackets in quick!
Each round will be played via a series of polls posted in the March Mayhem II forum. The round of 64 will be split in half, because man that’s a lot of polls! There will be a one-day break between each round. All times are Eastern.
March 14 11:59PM: Brackets are due
March 15 12:00AM – March 16 11:59PM: Round of 64 (Part I: Brains)
March 17 12:00AM – March 18 11:59PM: Round of 64 (Part II: Brawn)
March 20 12:00AM – March 21 11:59PM: Round of 32 Voting
March 23 12:00AM – March 24 11:59PM: Round of 16 Voting
March 26 12:00AM – March 27 11:59PM: Round of 8 Voting
March 29 12:00AM – March 30 11:59PM: Round of 4 Voting
April 1 12:00AM – April 4 11:59PM: Championship Voting
April 5 12:00AM – Champion and winning bracket announced!
How to get Started?
Visit the March Mayhem II forum and submit your brackets! Don’t have an Allspark account? Sign up today for free!


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  • I am Orion, Pax of Cyberton and defender of the secrets of castle Iacon.
    This is Cheetor, my fearless friend.
    Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my Star Saber and said
    "By the Power of Primus!"
    "Autobots, Roll Out!"
    Cheer became Liobreaker and I became Optimus, the most powerful Prime in the multiverse.