Unofficial Promotional shots of Titans Return “Rumble”, Laserbeak, and Alpha Trion

With many thanks to Starscream韋 on Weibo for A) releasing pictures of “Rumble” with Laserbeak and B) unveiling them all at once in full color instead of 1/8 pieces of them in greyscale on every other Thursday. While not “official” given the source, they do appear to be most likely back-of-card images in contrast to the earlier fully CG promotional versions Hasbro offers.
“Rumble” here was spotted amongst a Frenzy of other figures at Toy Fair 2016 but this might be our first real look at Laserbeak; sporting a lot more black than even his brother Buzzsaw did.
Moving on, we give a hearty jeer to zmultiplier on Weibo who didn’t take B) nearly enough to heart. Alpha Trion does look pretty cool for what I can only assume is stern but loving Unicorn/Wolf father figure from back before colored television really took off.
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