Unite Warriors Computicon teased!

Hisashi Yuki’s twitter (@TFYUKI) has dropped another cool surprise for us. A teaser (yay!) silhouette (boo!) of what is almost assuredly Unite Warriors Computicon aka Computron. Oddly enough, this is our first official acknowledgment that he actually exists from either Hasbro or Takara.
As far as changes go, it looks like a new or significantly altered head, possibly a new rifle, a different Nosecone (or at least a tweaked orientation); possibly the Wheeljack mold for Lightspeed? What is surprising are what appear to be the regular?! Combiner hands/feet in contrast to the newer, distinct molds Hasbro is using for theirs.
Also absent is the Cosmos/Scrounge redeco Hasbro’s was sporting in the leaked pics and boxart. No word on how this set will be offered. Will it be it a regular Takara release like Superion/Menasor/Devastor/Bruticus? Or see release as an exclusive like Guardian, Convoy Grand Prime, and Grand Galvatron.
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