Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #50 Review!

Dying Of The Light, Part 1
Okay, after a year of build-up we can get to the showdown with the DJD that Roberts has been building and teasing and promising! Finally we’re going to see a throwdown with Megatron and Tarn! I am so ready for… a tease on the last page of the story? Seriously? The landmark issue just finishes the setup?!
“The masterplan of TRANSFORMER’s geniuses James Roberts and Alex Milne reveals itself!” says the IDW sales blurb for this issue. Apparently “…next issue!” was implied somewhere in that.
So what else do we have… well, the main plot that we get instead of the DJD showdown is a coup led by Getaway, who is so angry Megatron hasn’t been put to death that he’s convinced most of the crew to betray “Team Rodimus” to the DJD. You know, because the way you deal with Decepticon collaborators is to collaborate with Decepticons. The entire crew knows, full-stop, that there was a second Lost Light and the DJD killed everyone on it just because they had the chance. I guess everyone else on the ship hates Megatron so much that they’d turn him over while also sentencing a bunch of their friends to certain death? No… I’m not buying it.
The backup story is very interesting and (of course) maudlin, giving us some character moments with the dearly departed. I’m dearly hoping that Pipes suddenly being from Helex rather than Pescus Hex is an error… mostly because I expect better of Roberts than “Pipes of He-licks”. Of course on the next page we have “alt mode curious”, so maybe not.
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