Transformers #51 Review!

I think All Hail Optimus is really kicking into gear with this issue. It does help that we’ve cut the sides we have to follow at once down to two!
Prime’s visions are great for seeing his inner demons; turns out he does know how close to the edge he’s playing. It was also good to see dissension regarding them. I’m really loving Aileron’s character journey; not too many properties can give characters such a “hands-on” crisis of faith.
The human characters are pretty compelling this issue too. Spike has come a long way since being a 2-D action hero, and some of the nuances I’m seeing have promising potential. The POTUS however continues to seem more like a caricature than any sort of reasonable and effective leader (what sort of moron responds to “we’re safe in this bunker” with “you ARE on their side!”?) which may be intentional given some of the other real-world commentary that works its way into the issue.
The ending is… curious, to say the least. Clearly some time has passed, but it doesn’t appear that Optimus has taken the obvious step of contacting the leaders of the planet that he has de facto taken over and are scared witless of him. Instead he contacts the alliance. I think his priorities might be a bit backward, and maybe that’s the point… after all, his visions were of other Cybertronians telling him what a failure he is, not any humans.
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