TFCon Toronto 2016 Announces Artist Brendan Cahill to Attend

IDW Transformers artist Brendan Cahill has been announced as a guest for TFCon Toronto 2016, being held July 15-17 in Mississauga, Ontario.  Read on for the link, full details, and to discuss.
TFCon announcement

TFcon is happy to welcome Brendan Cahill to TFcon Toronto 2016. Fans will recognize his art from various issues of both Transformers ongoing #21, #25, #27, #29, Robots in Disguise #7, 2012 Annual and More than Meets the Eye #12, #27 #40, #47 and #50.
He will be in attendance all weekend and offering prints and commissions to the attendees.

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Brendan Cahill