TakaraTomy Transformers July to October Product – Fortress Maximus, Technobots, Legends & AdventureLineup

Thanks to Planet Iacon’s Facebook we have silhouettes and prototype images of a lot of upcoming TakaraTomy product.  Of note is silhouettes for Computicon / Computron and the 5 Technobots.  Each Technobot looks to feature extensive retooling (and uses different base molds than the Hasbro release) as well as what looks to be new weapons based on their original G1 figures.  Also announced are the releases for upcoming Legends and Adventure figures.  The Legends line will see more releases of the Titans Returns figures such as Scourge and Blurr, but also reveals that the Titan Masters Nightbeat, Cancer, and GoShooter will be packed with the Legends scale Rewind, Shockwave, and Wheelie respectively.  Also shown is the silhouette for Legends Fortress Maximus, who will include a large Master Sword for Fortress Maximus and a smaller sword for his head Fortress (Cerebros in Hasbro territories).  No word on if any other changes exist but Fortress’ silhouette suggests a Headmasters cartoon / G1 toy based head rather than the Rebirth Cerebros style head.  Also shown are some new Adventure releases include Windblade, and Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Strongarm with all with their own Minicons.  Lastly are some Dark of the Moon Optimus and Bumblebee figures.

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