New Teaser for Unite Warriors Computron

Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out another teaser for the upcoming Unite Warriors Computicon (or Computron).  This time he takes special care to point out the changes to the panels that form the combiner’s chest.  Based on the image it appears that Computron will feature an all new chest (similar to how Galvatronus featured a different chest than Superion)!  Unofficial leaks of the Hasbro version of Computron have shown he reuses the same chest as Superion.  Additionally you can see some of the individual guns that come with the Technobot limbs as well as a clear look at the last hand / foot / gun component, the galling gun foot attached to Nosecone (which has been associated with the Groove / Afterburner mold).  Based on the two teasers we’ve seen thus far the TakaraTomy Computron uses a retooled Scattershot with a new head, chest, and gun, the same Afterburner (presumably) from Deluxe Groove that the Hasbro version is using, Strafe retooled from Blast Off instead of retooled from Air Raid, a possible retool of Wheeljack for Lightspeed instead of a redeco of Streetwise, and a retool of Rook as Nosecone instead of the retooled Brawl shown to be included with Hasbro’s.  The combiner has the respective hand / foot / gun component for each of the above limbs, just paired with a different Technobot (Strafe has Nosecone’s for example).

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