March Mayhem II: Universe of the Masters to Begin Tonight

March 14, 2016
The Allspark Announces Its Second Annual March Mayhem Fan Event
Louisville, K.Y.–(ALLSPARK NEWS)– The Allspark presents its second annual March Mayhem fan event, which this year doubles to a field of 64 with two competitive divisions. The event follows an immensely popular contest last year, and draws on the rich history of Hasbro, Inc’s Transformers franchise and the popularity and anticipation of the Titans Return line. The event goes live at 12:01am (EDT) and allows fans to vote for their favorite Headmaster and Targetmaster players in an NCAA College Basketball style tournament.
Fans are encouraged to visit the March Mayhem portion of (here) to view the discussions and, beginning March 15, vote in the polls. Interested fans can create their and submit own brackets to predict the winners of the event. The fans with the most accurate bracket submitted and posted by 11:59pm (EDT) tonight will be eligible to win a Combiner Wars Onslaught and Combiner Wars Sky Lynx shipped from Allspark sponsor BigBadToyStore.
“YOU’RE the master of this contest! Will you vote for the strongest player? Will you vote for the fan favorite? It’s your call! Make your selection, then tell others why and try to influence their votes!”
The Cybertronian Gaming Authority has drawn on the rich history of Master-themed characters to create the initial seeding for the first bracket round, the Vector Sigma 64.  There are two separate divisions, Brains (featuring Headmasters and Brainmasters characters) and Brawn (featuring Targetmaster and Powermaster characters) to battle through before reaching the championship round and being crowned the winner! The voting schedule is as follows:
March 14 11:59PM: Brackets are due
March 15 12:00AM – March 16 11:59PM: Round of 64 (Part I: Brains)
March 17 12:00AM – March 18 11:59PM: Round of 64 (Part II: Brawn)
March 20 12:00AM – March 21 11:59PM: Round of 32 Voting
March 23 12:00AM – March 24 11:59PM: Round of 16 Voting
March 26 12:00AM – March 27 11:59PM: Round of 8 Voting
March 29 12:00AM – March 30 11:59PM: Round of 4 Voting
April 1 12:00AM – April 4 11:59PM: Championship Voting
April 5 12:00AM – Champion and winning bracket announced!
For those who are unfamiliar with the concept or some of the characters involved, help is available from Cybertron’s most famous sports fan.  “Eject’s Scouting Report” for each match gives fans inside information in determining which vote to cast.
Members are encouraged to use the Versus graphics to stump for their favorite Combiner in their signatures and on social media.
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