March Mayhem II Spotlight Match: Black Zarak (9) vs Armada Sideways (24)

We’re less than twelve hours into the voting for the first round of March Mayhem II: Universe of the Masters, and the Brains Division is already giving us lots to think on!  As of now, the 9th seed Black Zarak is completely tied against underdog 24th seed Armada Sideways.  Black Zarak’s been battling an illness lately which team doctors describe as gold plastic syndrome, so recovery is uncertain.  He needs to get his head in the game quick, or being a snazzy redeco of Scorponok will do him no good against Sideways.  Sideways himself enjoys the role of underdog cult popularity, but word is that team owner Unicron is pushing extra hard for him to bring home the win here!  Read on for the links to cast your vote, and to discuss!
Cast your votes in the March Mayhem II forum here.  The 16 polls for the Brains Division will remain open until 11:59pm (EDT) on Wednesday, March 16.
You can discuss the picks, matchups, and results in our generalized thread here.
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