Individually packaged Deluxe Class Groove – Combiner Wars?!!

New Images have popped up today from TFND on facebook as well as from Weibo of the individually packaged Deluxe Groove figure.  Before anyone gets their hopes up of a US release, this figure seems to be specifically for the Taiwan Toys ‘R Us Groove promotion.
The images from TFND show off CGI renders of Groove in both robot and alternate mode. (similar to the Hasbro stock image renders typical with CW figures… coincidence??)  The image from TFCLUB shows a real in-package sample. The packaging is the Combiner Wars branding instead of the typical United Warriors packaging that others in the line have had, which has lead some to believe that a Hasbro release is coming down the road.
I guess we’ll have to wait to see if anything is brought up about this at BotCon.  You can speculate away on our forums.