Hasbro Makes Transformers Hall Of Fame Announcement!!

Hasbro has released an announcement regarding the Transformers Hall of Fame 2016!  It appears this year there will be 3 different categories for the voting.  Read Hasbro’s release below:

Hi Transformers fans!
Its that time again to make your voice heard in the Transformers Hall of Fame for 2016! Hasbro is asking fans to help nominate inductees into the Transformers Hall of Fame within three categories. The categories are:
As you know, no characters or people who have already been inducted will be considered for nomination. A list of inducted characters can be found at the bottom.
We ask that you poll your readers to determine the characters and humans that they wish to be considered for each category of the Transformers Hall of Fame and share your Top 3 nominees for each category (nine nominees total) including the number of votes with us no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9, 2016.
Please rank your outlets polling results list in order of who received the most votes for each category. All polling result lists will be combined together, each outlet getting an equal voice. The combined values will be used to generate the final ballot of three choices for each category. Details will follow regarding the official voting process in the coming weeks.
Winners of the final polling will be announced at BotCon, the official Transformers Convention, in Louisville, KY, April 4-7 7-10!
As a reminder, below are the characters and people who have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame and are not eligible to be inducted this year. If you have any questions about eligibility, feel free to reach out.
Roll out!
Fictional Character Inductees:
· Arcee* (Class of 2014)
· Bumblebee (Class of 2010)
· Dinobot* (Class of 2010)
· Grimlock (Class of 2012)
· Ironhide (Class of 2011)
· Jazz (Class of 2012)
· Megatron (Class of 2010)
· Megatron Beast Wars* (Class of 2013)
· Optimus Prime (Class of 2010)
· Predaking (Class of 2015)
· Prowl (Class of 2015)
· Ratchet (Class of 2011)
· Rodimus* (Class of 2014)
· Shockwave (Class of 2012)
· Soundwave (Class of 2011)
· Starscream (Class of 2010)
· Ultra Magnus* (Class of 2013)
· Waspinator* (Class of 2011)
· Wheeljack* (Class of 2012)
*indicates fan-voted inductee
Human Inductees:
· Michael Bay (Class of 2011)
· Bob Budiansky (Class of 2010)
· Stan Bush (Class of 2014)
· Peter Cullen (Class of 2010)
· Vince DiCola (Class of 2015)
· Simon Furman (Class of 2012)
· Yoke Hideaki (Class of 2010)
· Chris Latta (Class of 2012)
· Kojin Ohno (Class of 2010)
· Steven Spielberg (Class of 2011)
· Frank Welker (Class of 2015)

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