Hasbro Australia premieres Titans Return Astrotrain and Ravage!

Thanks to an upload on the Ozformers Facebook page we have our first look at Titans Return Astrotrain and Ravage. Astrotrain is a remold of the previous Sentinel Prime who himself was a pretool for Astrotrain in the first place with his train and shuttle altmodes. He swaps out his Fire Guts God Ginrai colors for some sleek black/purple/silver in addition to a cartoon accurate yellow forehead. Ravage has a “jaguar” mode in addition to what appears to be a shuttle or fighter of some sort.
Also shown are some brief glimpses of the G2 Bruticus set (with the incorrect Hasbro Blast Off recolor as an arm) and a Galvatron MUCH more in line with the original promo render and looking much uniform in his purples. This is in contrast to the “Clashatron” version we saw in that earlier video. We also get a few shots of Nucleon and Crashbash with his “Dino” exosuit apparatus.
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