Gregg Berger to Attend BotCon 2016!

The folks at BotCon have informed us that due to personal reasons Scott McNeil will be unable to attend BotCon 2016.  With that news they’ve announced that in his place Gregg Berger, voice of G1 Grimlock, G1 Jetfire / Skyfire, and many others, will be attending in his place!  He will be part of a panel script reading featuring Judd Nelson, David Kaye, and Venus Terzo!  BotCon 2016 is set for April 7th to the 10th in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Hello Members!
We have some exciting news!  On Friday afternoon, BotCon registered attendees will be treated to a script reading panel starring Judd Nelson, David Kaye, Venus Terzo, and Gregg Berger!  To see this you must be a registered attendee, so make sure you have signed up for your Primus, Golden Ticket Primus, MiniCon or Protoform package. Also, for those who have already registered, if you have not yet added your Judd Nelson VIP Pass to your existing package you can do that today! Visit BotCon for the details and then if you need to register, add the VIP pass or do both, you can do that here.
As you can tell from the above paragraph, there has been a guest change.   Unfortunately due to personal reasons, Scott McNeil had to cancel.   However, Gregg Berger will now be coming!  We will all miss Scott, but we are very excited about seeing our old friend Gregg in a few short weeks.
Registration will close on March 21st so there is not much time left to register.  Currently there are only 30% of the Primus packages, 8% of the GT packages and 19% of the Iacon (non-attending) packages, left.
Please note that March 16 is the last day you can join the Transformers Collectors Club.  If you are interested in receiving the discounts for BotCon, the 2016 FREE Membership Incentive figure and/or purchasing the TFSS 5.0 (to be revealed in full at BotCon 2016) you will need to be an active member as of March 16.  All memberships will end December 31, 2016.  Hasbro looks forward to sharing new plans for the Collector’s Club with you in the future.
We appreciate your support over the last 12 years and wish the brand well in their new endeavors.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing each and every one of our Club members at BotCon 2016!