Combiner Wars Computron Full Color Image

Thanks to Weibo user Starscream韋 we now have a full color image of the upcoming and yet to be announced Combiner Wars Computron.  Computron consists of all 5 original Technobots as well as what’s rumored to be Scrounge and a redeco of Payload.  Of significance is the first Hasbro release of Unite Warriors Groove, who now features newly tooled parts to make his alt mode into G1 Afterburner’s alt mode, a retooled Air Raid into Strafe, and the first non-BotCon use of the Nosecone tooling first seen on Ramhorn.  Scattershot is a redeco of the singularly released Scattershot and Lightspeed looks to be a straight redeco of Streetwise.  Computron also features new hand and feet attachment not seen with any other Combiner (this includes Victorion who also has new but different combiner hands and feet).

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