Boxes in Action has the Perfect Comic Boxes for Transformers Fans!

Many interesting and important things have been put into boxes over the years. Textiles. Other boxes. Even Transformers comic books. Want some funky boxes for your collection? Boxes in Action has you covered.
Tired of drab old white comic boxes? The Prime Time Box Set features two printed boxes very much inspired by Optimus Prime. The trailer is the size of a standard long box while the cab is a bit smaller than a shortie. They’re not cheap; one set will run you $45, though you can get a bit of a discount by preordering two sets at $60. Check out either link for a few more photos!



Chris Patrick (Random Items) is a fan of all things vintage and retro, with a particular fondness for 1980s robots, classic video games, and anything that blends those two things.

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