Botcon Announces Final Guest, Details of Judd Nelson Exclusives on Last Day to Register

Botcon has reminded everyone that today, March 21 is the final day to preregister for the convention.  They took the opportunity to make a few big announcements including that Casey Coller and Josh Perez (who will both be in the Artist’s Alley) have done the artwork for the Judd Nelson VIP pass print.  They also announced their final guest will be former Hasbro Transformers brand team leader Aaron Archer!  Read on for details and to discuss in our forum!
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Full announcement:

Today is the last day to preregister for BotCon 2016 as a Primus, Golden Ticket Primus, Protoform or Minicon package holder. Also, if you have not yet added your Judd Nelson VIP Pass, today is the last day to add that to your attending package via the BotCon online registering system. BotCon 2016 is being held in Louisville, Ky April 7-10 at the Galt House Hotel.
Two big announcements on this final day! First, we are thrilled to announce that Casey Coller and Josh Perez provided the artwork for this years Judd Nelson VIP Pass art print! Casey and Josh are just two of the OVER TWENTY TRANSFORMERS ARTISTS that will be set up in the BotCon 2016 Artists’ Alley. The Judd Nelson VIP Pass includes an in-person autograph from Judd, a pro photo with Judd, an exclusive cloisonné pin, the exclusive Hot Rod art print by Casey and Josh and VIP seating at the Judd Nelson Saturday Q&A. The cost of the VIP Pass is $129 and can be added to both new and existing BotCon attendee packages through the BotCon Registration system.
Our other big announcement is that our final guest for BotCon 2016 is none other than Aaron Archer! From the Beast Wars line through Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Aaron has been part of the production of thousands of Transformers toys. Aaron was also part of the Hasbro team that worked with Paramount and Michael Bay to bring the Transformers to life across four films and Transformers: The Ride. During Aaron’s time on Transformers he worked to expand the Transformers mythos beyond toys to publishing, television, movies, video games, and fan conventions.
If you were waiting to the last day or just now decided to attend North America’s Largest Transformers Fan Convention, the time to register is now! Visit and order your package and/or Judd Nelson VIP Pass today! See you all in Louisville next month!

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