Very Lo-Res Images of Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus in Color

Hong Kong based retailer Robot Kingdom has uploaded some very low resolution and watermarked images of the upcoming Unite Warriors UW-07 Bruticus.  UW Bruticus is TakaraTomy’s release of Combiner Wars Bruticus, replacing the Slingshot redeco Blast Off with an all new space shuttle mode Blast Off.  Vortex also features a 4 bladed propeller, Swindle a different gun, and CW Brawl’s hand / foot accessory matches that of the one included with Swindle.  In addition to the mold changes Bruticus also features a very extensive paint job to mirror his appearance in the original G1 cartoon.  This includes a silver head and torso in combined mode (despite Onslaught being mostly blue), a brown, purple, and black chest plate, one yellow foot and one and green / brown foot.  In addition to that Onslaught features a blue ans silver head, Swindle has purple on his vehicle mode, Vortex is mostly bray and blue (dropping the purple and swapping out the aqua), Brawl has a red face and orange eyes, and Blast Off his iconic lilac crest.

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