Trukk VS Munky – Debate Finally Put to Rest?!

Thanks to the Official Transformers Collectors’ Club, the debate over Trukk VS Munky finally looks to be put to rest… And the answer is Trukk & Munkey!  The TCC has tweeted out a new photo of their upcoming Transformers Figure Subscription Service 5.0 Pretender Optimus Prime!  This figure his both a Truck (using a retooled version of the Generations Swerve mold) and a Monkey (well not really a monkey but a gorilla, using a redeco of the BotCon 2015 Oilmaster mold)!  And well with his partner Hi-Q he’s also technically a plane too!  Keen eyed observers will note that the image is based on the original G1 Pretender artwork which would feature the larger shell standing behind the smaller inner robot’s robot and vehicle mode in a similar fashion.  Click Read More to check out the image.

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