Transformers Official Instagram Account Launches with New Photos of Titans Returns Fortress Maximus

Briefly mentioned at the Toy Fair event yesterday and now a reality, Transformers has their own official Instagram account.  To start off their Instagram account off with a bang, they’ve included some new photos of the Titans Returns Titan Class Fortress Maximus!  The image shows off the almost 2 feet tall figure in robot mode as well as his Titan Master Cerebros in robot mode as well as a comparison between Cerebros in head mode alongside Emissary in head mode.  Some keen eyed observers might notice that the Fortress Maximus here does feature some color changes compared to the two shown on hand at Toy Fair.  The most noticeable being the hands are blue instead of light gray, and the waist and knees are light gray instead of blue.

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Together, #Transformers Deluxe Class Cerebros and Titan Master Emissary pilot Fortress Maximus.

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In his alt mode, #Transformers Titan Master Emissary combines with Deluxe Class to unlock unique powers.
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#FortressMaximus stands at over 20 inches tall, and converts to form a battle station, or #Cybertron City.

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