Titans Return Generations Toys Revealed at Toy Fair 2016

Earlier we reported on some new Generations toys revealed at Toy Fair 2016, and now we have pictures of them!  Read on to see Soundwave, Scourge, Chromedome, and the rest, and to discuss in our forums!
Legends Class
New from Legends Class are Wheelie for wave 1, and Rumble (is red!) and Laserbeak for wave 2. The latter two use the Rewind and Buzzsaw moulds, whilst the former is a new mould, capable of seating a Titan Master in his alt-mode!

Deluxe Class
In Deluxe Class, Blurr with Hyperfire and Scourge with Fracas are revealed as Hardhead and Skullsmasher’s wave-mates, whilst Chromedome with Stylor and Mindwipe with Vorath make up wave 2.

Leader Class
The previously-revealed Soundwave is the Toy Fair headliner for Leader Class, though we now know he’ll have Legends Class buddies to hang out with!

Platinum Edition
Finally, we have a look at another Platinum Edition set for the 30th anniversary of The Transformers: The Movie, titled “Armada of Cyclonus”. It includes a redeco of Universe Cyclonus (with his Targetmaster replaced by Generations Kup’s rifle), a redeco of Generations Scourge, and a redeco of BotCon Devcon (who was himself a retool of Scourge) as a Sweep.

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