The Allspark’s Toyfair 2016 Coverage Mega Post

Our agents are starting to roll in and the event is about to being. We’ll be posting a variety of news, pictures and videos (via Periscope) on our front page, on Twitter and on Facebook. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the great news and reveals, we’re keeping this as our ‘catch all’ index to compile everything for easy viewing. So make sure you subscribe to our front page as well as keep this post bookmarked and check back often for updates!
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News as it arrives!

  • Hasbro Pulse will be the new venue for fan votes.
  • Trypticon won the Titan vote, which we knew, and will be around the same size as other titans.  About a head shorter than Metroplex because of forward-leaning stance, but has huge long tripod tail so ends up about as long as Metroplex is tall.

Robots in Disguise

  • Robots in Disguise Warriors:
    • Windblade with more red
    • Scorponok is an orange and black scorpion
    • Power Surge Optimus, has bird minicon that attaches to unlock features and weapons
  • RiD Season 1 comic collection is coming.  Comics returning in the Fall.
  • Platinum Edition RiD Grimlock, Takara adv retool.
  • Platinum Bumblebee, with more detailed deco, but rims still unpainted.


  • Prime Wars Trilogy, with Earth Wars.
  • There was an explanation of Titanmasters given, showing heads and swappability and how they pilot battle stations.
  • Fortress Maximus:
    • Huge and impressive.
    • Lights
    • Sounds
    • TF noise when Cerebros is removed
    • Talks
    • Battle station mode
    • City mode
    • Leader class figures can connect to it
    • Has a jail
    • Hasui worked on him.
  • Cerebros has cartoon head, and Emissary is Spike’s new name.
  • Titanmasters are cross-compatible.
  • Wave 2 Leader Soundwave.  Soundblaster is Trademarked.
  • Deluxe Wave 1
    • Blurr, 1986 movie design with Hyperfire Targetmaster
    • Scourge and Fracas
    • Both Blurr and Scourge have head cannons that pop up as part of the transformation
  • Deluxe Wave 2
    • Chromedome, with IDW body and head, but with G1 car.  With Stylor.
    • Mindwipe and Vorath.
  • Legends Wave 1
    • Wheelie, G1 style.
    • Rumble.
    • Laserbeak.
  • Platinum
    • Cyclonus, has Kup’s gun.
    • Scourge and Sweep, have Devcon’s head.
    • Kmart Only
    • They’ll be at Botcon and on Instagram.
    • All have premium paint, some clear parts.

The showroom will have more than just what was in the presentation, so check back for more as the day continues!