TakaraTomy Legends Hardhead and Skullcruncher Revealed!

TakaraTomy isn’t wasting any time getting into the Titan Masters game.  The latest issue of what is most likely Figure King magazine, shows off prototypes for TakaraTomy’s versions of Titan Masters Skullcruncher (known as Skull in Japan) and Hardhead.  Both feature all new faces different from their Hasbro counterparts.  Fans had speculated that TakaraTomy might do cartoon accurate faces for some of the Headmasters that diverged a lot from Hasbro’s versions (such as Hardhead, Brainstorm, Cerebros / Fortress, and even Chromedome), but what is surprisingly is that even figures that are similar like Skullcruncher are getting the new face treatment.  The prospect of different faces across companies is an exciting one!  Look for hi-res scans of the issue as it’s released in the next couple of days.

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