Robots in Disguise Toys Revealed at Toy Fair 2016

We got word earlier that there will be a new Windblade, Scorponok, and a Power Surge Optimus in addition to some platinum editions of other characters like Bumblebee and Grimlock.  Now that the showroom is open, we have pics of these and other RiD toys to share!  Read on for the gallery and to discuss in our forum!
Platinum Edition
This Platinum Edition two-pack includes Warrior Class Bumblebee and Takara’s Voyager Class Grimlock in premium paint decoes.

Warrior Class

  • Power Surge Optimus Prime (with two different robot images, confusingly)
  • Windblade
  • Scorponok

Power Surge Optimus Prime
This large figure includes the exclusive Mini-Con Aerobolt, and features a wild array of action features.

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