Official Pictures of Takara-Tomy Transformers Adventure Mini-Cons Wave One!

Autobase Aichi’s Facebook page brings us some official images of the upcoming Takara-Tomy Transformers Adventure Mini-Cons. Due out in April, the assortment includes the following
-TMC-01 Jetstorm
-TMC-02 Slipstream
-TMC-03 Divebomb
-TMC-04 Airazor
-TMC-05 Windra (Dragonus redeco)
-TMC-06 Psychobat (Ratbat redeco)
TMC-01 and TMC-02 feature more extensive paintwork than the releases originally available with TAV-27 Micron Shooter Drift. The same is true with TMC-04 Airazor which differs greatly from his TAV-24 Micron Shooter Fracture version. TMC-03 also gets a Japanese retail release to complete the Fracture Trifecta as the previous version was only available during a limited Gift Campaign and was identical to Hasbro’s Divebomb. Windra and Psychobat round out the assortment and they’re redecos of Dragonus and Ratbat respectively. Unfortunately a picture of Psychobat’s third mode appears to be missing but we’ll try and get one up once it surfaces.



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