New BotCon 2016 Video Teases Possible Souvenir!

The folks at Fun Publications have released a new video for their 2016 BotCon convention.  In the video David Kaye, as Beast Wars Megatron, narrates as he talks about his plans and how the Tripredacus Council  and their agents will net foil his plans.  At the end of the video we get a glimpse of the character art for…

…the (highlight for Spoiler) Transmetal 3 Megatron from RID Megatron / Car Robots Gigatron originally planned (and then cancelled) for 3H’s OTFCC 2005 (OTFCC was cancelled and BotCon 2005 was held instead – which was Fun Publications first BotCon and where they went with a different set of exclusives).  So it looks like the highly desired exclusive may finally become a reality!
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