Machine Robo Figures Showcased at C3 Hong Kong Anime and Manga Fair!

Machine Robo is back! Check out a gallery of images from the C3 Honk Kong Anime and Manga Fair!
The images of Action Toys’ display (via Loopaza Mega Store on Facebook) show off several of the upcoming Machine Robo figures. These characters, of course, will be more familiar to American fans under their imported name… the GoBots! Of course, with Hasbro now owning the rights to Tonka’s GoBots trademarks, these updated figures likely won’t be released under those names, but when has that ever stopped fans from renaming the figures themselves? What really matters here is that these are highly-detailed, articulated updates of the classic Machine Robo figures, and will look perfect alongside your Classics/Generations Transformers toys.
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