ICYMI: John Barber interview at Newsarama!

With IDW’s milestone fiftieth issue of Transformers last week, writer John Barber sat down with Newsarama to talk about the series.

Newsarama: Transformers #50 was quite the issue – I’d argue one of the biggest in IDW’s history. How did it all come together?
John Barber: It started a while back… A couple storylines back. I was thinking about the future of the book as I was writing another issue, and then it kinda hit me — “All Hail Optimus.” It was a play on the “All Hail Megatron” story Shane McCarty and Guido Guidi did several years ago, but something about the name locked in on Optimus Prime’s trajectory and it all made sense and I sort of saw a whole future laid out of not only this initial six-issue story, but for a ways out from there, too.
One of the things with Optimus Prime is that he’s a good guy. Like, a really good, powerful, guy. So over the years, he’d sort of had doubt introduced to him in the IDW comic books, where he was a little more hesitating in his actions. As I was writing him, I started to realize he was maybe going down that direction again, and it seemed to me—as a character, from his point of view — he’d want to avoid that.

Check out the rest of the lengthy interview HERE at Newsarama. WARNING, pretty huge SPOILERS if you haven’t read Transformers #50 yet!