Combiner Wars Computron Mold Selection Fully Revealed!

After several teases and the recent full reveal of the colored artwork, we finally have an image of the prototype / concept for Combiner Wars Computron.  The image shows a combination of existing toys and prototypes to convey figure selections make up the combiner.  In the image we see the body will be the same Scattershot released at retail (though the artwork shows that his colors will be changed to more closely match Computron’s original toy deco), Afterburner (using the Deluxe Groove mold) as the right arm (the art suggests there is some retooling while the toy image shows the original prototype), Strafe as the left arm (Air Raid with some newly tooled parts), attached to him is a version of Cosmos & Payload (the artwork shows them in gold / yellow – putting some credence to the Scrounge rumor), the right leg shows Lightspeed as Smokescreen (whether he has any newly tooled parts are not apparent in the photo – or even if he’ll use the Smokescreen head – remember this is a concept so the mold selection may not be completely indicative of the final), and Nosecone (from the Ramhorn retool of Brawl) as the left leg.  Note that Computron also features some new hand and foot parts that unlike most of the other Combiner Wars hand and foot parts does not double as both a hand and foot in addition to a weapon.

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