Build Your Own Life-Sized Functioning BB-8 Out of Mostly Garbage

If you’ve got some old newspapers, a beach ball, some used up deodorant sticks and some styrofoam laying around you might be asking yourself, “Why do I have all this garbage laying around?” — Well, now you can answer yourself by saying “Oh, it’s to build fully functioning model robots!”
To be fair, there are a few electronic components needed to make this work, but an enterprising 17 year old has done just that. Most of the items he uses are either left overs from something else getting recycled into craft parts (which is great for the environment) or cheaply obtained parts from any common retail store. The most expensive and complex part will be the Ardruino on board computer and your smart phone used to control it.

This is a fairly long (about 20 minutes) video with lots of detailed information on how to get your own BB-8 going. But if you’re into crafting or model building this is a great project. Even if you’re just looking to get started this is easy enough for almost anyone to do as there are no complex 3D printed parts, tooling or any special molds. Once completed, your BB-8 is sure to be the finest pile of garbage roaming about the neighborhood.


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