2 TFSS 5.0 Figures Revealed & New Photos of TCC Skywarp & Ramjet!

Thanks to John DeLuna’s Twitter account, we have new images of the upcoming Official Transformers Collectors’ Club Skywarp and Ramjet!  Of note is Skywarp’s Armada style packaging and pack-in mini-comic!  Also click Read More to see the identities of the first two TFSS 5.0 figures!

The first TFSS 5.0 figure is Paradron Medic!  Paradron Medic is a redeco of Generations Arcee based on the character first seen in the Generation 1 episode “Fight or Flee”.  She comes packed with a redeco of Flanker as Quickslinger!  Also is Pretender Optimus Prime!  Pretender Optimus Prime is a retool of Generations Swerve, with a new head!  He also has his gorilla Pretender shell, a redeco of the Oilmaster Pretender shell, and Hi-Q a redeco of Flanker!
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