Where Are The Rey Toys??? I’ll Tell You Where

Truth be told, I was planning on doing an article on this myself after seeing some of the disappointing knee-jerk click bait pieces popping up on social media. Obviously, women being underrepresented in mainstream toy lines is an issue, and has been for some time. BUT, things are getting better and not every absence of a particular character is a call to arms.

Take the Monopoly fiasco for example. The new Star Wars Monopoly game (Which was released in September) only included 4 playing pieces. Of those 4 tokens, only 2 of them were from the new movie — Kylo Ren and Finn. The other two are from previous movies – Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker and a very much alive Original Trilogy version of Darth Vader. Hasbro recently explained that the reason Rey was absent from the product was because as a product that was launched prior to the movies, including her would ruin the mystery surrounding the character. They’ve also stated that they will indeed be releasing a second run of the game later this year that will include Rey. (So maybe get the pre-Rey versions before they are gone forever?)
As we’ve seen the kettle bubble over with the outrage, one constant beacon of reasonable hope has been stalking each and every one of these topics on Facebook: the 24-hour a day media/toy/review robot posing as human Benson Yee. Benson has been diligently replying in each of these anger-smash posts with a simple list – All the Rey merchandise released to-date as well as upcoming product.
Getting sick of being a broken record, Ben has taken it upon himself to update his blog listing all the toys featuring Rey. Since he’s done the legwork, rather than just copy duplicate that hard work here, I’m just going to link to the full list on his site so you can check it out (And be sure to check out is Transformers reviews and articles as well).


Full List of Rey Products
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