TCC Prose Fiction: Spaciotemporal Challengers Part 1

The Transformers Collectors’ Club has released a new, free-to-read prose story on their website – Part 1 of “Spaciotemporal Challengers”, starring the GoBots!

This long-awaited prose story, announced way back at BotCon 2013, continues the tale of the “G1 GoBots” that begun in 2008’s “Withered Hope”.
These refugees from the world of the original GoBots cartoon will now find themselves in the Shattered Glass universe, in a story authored by Andrew “Hydra” Hall and featuring illustrations by Hayato Sakamoto. Excitingly for Japanese fans, the PDF download includes the story in both English and Japanese! The Club reports this tale is set between e-HOBBY pack-in issue “Solar Requiem” and 2015’s magazine comic “Another Light”.
Head over to the Collectors’ Club website to read the story, and then to the Allspark Forums to discuss it!