TakaraTomy Unite Warriors Bruticus Teaser – New Mold Blast-Off!

TakaraTomy designer Hisashi Yuki has tweeted out a new teaser, this time it’s of the next combiner in the Unite Warriors line – BRUTICUS!  As expected Bruticus looks to feature an all new mold Blast-Off!  In addition to a new mold Blast-Off, it appears that Vortex has some new tooling made to him as he features four rotor blades in helicopter mode rather than the 2 blades found on Hasbro’s version (as well as on Blades, Alpha Bravo, etc).  Check out the photo by clicking Read More!

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CYPtiHqUoAANCk4.jpg large


One comment

  • I was perfectly happy with the idea of Blast Off being a retool of Fireflight. I was fine with him being a jet, because I reasoned to myself 'Hey, it's more size accurate than having a space shuttle the size of a jeep'.

    But my God, knowing that there actually will be a space shuttle Blast Off just makes it all invalid. I mean, it fits his personality perfectly, the smug jerk. Floating around, looking at his comrades from below and going 'I'm better than them. I don't need any friends or anything. I'll just float around here… all alone…'

    I will definitely pick this up.