TakaraTomy Legends LG-20 Skids Revealed!

For a couple of years now, one Generations character has been suspiciously absent from TakaraTomy’s version of Generations and later Legends toy line – Skids.  Hasbro released the character based on his IDW look back in 2013.  Subsequently TakaraTomy, as well as Hasbro, released a redeco of Skids for Age of Extinction / Lost Age toylines – Rollbar.  Putting a TakaraTomy release of Skids in question for over 2 years.  Now fans can finally get their Skids fill as the Legends line will release their own Skids in May of 2016!  Dengeki Hobby has the images and as you can see Skids features darker colors and a very extensive deco to bring him closer to his IDW appearance.

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