Rumor: Peter Capaldi to leave Doctor Who?

It’s news Whovians had been sort of expecting following word series showrunner Steven Moffat was stepping away from Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi may also be leaving the TARDIS following the 2016 Christmas Special.
According to UK newsies The Mirror, Capaldi could be leaving the show to allow incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall to start fresh with a new Doctor for Series 10 in 2017. The move is hardly unprecedented, as Matt Smith took over from David Tennant when Moffat replaced Russel T. Davies as showrunner in 2008.
According to unnamed sources within the BBC:

“Bosses are already discussing a fresh start when Steven leaves. They’ve been happy with what Peter has brought to the role but some think it might make sense to give Chris his own choice of actor to play the Doctor.”

What do you think? Too soon to be saying goodbye to ol’ Angry Eyebrows? Or are you eager for a fresh face to take over at the TARDIS controls? Sound off HERE in the Allspark’s ongoing Doctor Who discussion thread. Don’t have an Allspark account? Click HERE to make one!



  • I didn't like him at first but just like always he's the Doctor now. I'm not ready to see him leave. It usually takes a few series to get to like the new Doctor and then they always want to change him and you have to start all over. Keep Capaldi for a while longer.

  • Actually, Matt Smith was supposed to be the final regeneration (because the War Doctor counts as the "real" Ninth, making Matt Smith the proper Twelfth), but Clara pulled a Tinkerbell and just wished really hard and the Time Lords somehow gave the Doctor a fresh regeneration cycle in "The Time of the Doctor," leading to the Capaldi incarnation.

  • But this is the last time he could re-generate unless they reboot the series?