Rumor: Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 Report

Thanks to a report from Marvelous at TFW2005, we know have the following information about what was on display (keep in mind that this information is preliminary and may change):

Titans Return
Titan class Fortress Maximus – said to be very massive and very G1-accurate
-Most of the already-known TR toys in package, including the Deluxes
-Leader class Powermaster Optimus Prime – said to look very nice in person
-Titan Masters Apeface – new reveal
-Legends class Wheelie – new reveal, is said to be very G1-ish with windshield that opens to have a seat for Titan Masters
-Leader class Blaster
-Leader class Soundwave
Platinum Edition
Rodimus Prime vs. -Galvatron set – uses the Titanium Rodimus Prime and Universe Galvatron molds
-Another set with two Sweeps (one apparently using the Botcon Devcon head) and the Universe Cyclonus mold
-Victorion was shown, but nothing else new for Combiner Wars – no Computron or Predaking

Images weren’t allowed, but hopefully we see all this and more at New York Toy Fair 2016 in 2 weeks.  Click here to discuss the news.