Platinum Classics Prime VS. Classics Megatron?!? leaked

Thanks to user lastmaximal we have a scan of an upcoming Platinum Set using some very old molds including one we never expected to see again!
The Optimus uses the venerable (if we’re being kind) original Classics mold. He’s sporting some pretty cool “matrix glow” or “ice” translucent blue panels.
Megatron also uses the Classics mold. Not the piddly little Tank one either. He’s back in all of his quasi-Nerf Maverick glory! This new deco isn’t quite Safety Megatron but he is sporting some pretty rocking “flame” type translucent red wings.
lastmaximal is located in the Philippines so we don’t know if this set will ever see release in the United States but the packaging is multilingual so odds are it will see release somewhere. No idea on the price either but knowing the Platinum pricing structure it likely won’t be cheap.
You can check out the thread here and discuss the news with your fellow fans.