New Images Reveal Combiner Wars Computron and Liokaiser!

What seems like a crazy day of leaks and reveals, comes what looks to be confirmation of Hasbro’s plans for Combiner Wars Computron and Liokaiser.  Computron looks to be comprised of the single release CW Scattershot (no word on any changes, but the combined mode still uses the Superion head), TakaraTomy’s Deluxe Groove (with what looks like retooling) as Afterburner, CW Air Raid (with new guns and wings) as Strafe, a redeco / retool of Streetwise / Dead End as Lightspeed, and the tooling used for BotCon 2016 Ramhorn (minus the exclusive head) as Nosecone.
To top it off we also have leaked art of another upcoming Combiner Wars release – Liokaiser!  In the art the central component is a black and teal retool of Sky Lynx with a new Liokaiser based head.  Hellbat is a redeco of Skydive while Gaihawk is a redeco of Air Raid.  Killbison is a redeco of Brawl (possibly with new guns that combine to form the gun Liokaiser is holding in the picture) and Drillhorn another redeco of Brawl with the Nosecone drill.  Lastly it appears as if Liokaiser may come with the spear / nunchaku weapon he used throughout the Victory TV series.

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