Japanese solicitation picture of Unite Warriors Bruticus (with Blast Off!) and new Transformers Adventure figures

Thanks to Allspark member Sprocket we have these new pictures to show you. The first showcases what looks to be the Japanese release of RiD Overload and the rest of his wavemates along with the Takaratomy EZ releases of the recent Hasbro Legends. We also get a look at TAV50 which might be a Season Two spoiler so be wary looking below.
The second offers shots of MP-30 Ratchet and LG-20 Skids but the real story is a prototype picture of UW-07 Bruticus in all of his shuttle armed glory. Noticeable takeaways are Blast Off (of course), the FOUR! rotors on Vortex and the absence of Bruticus’ Astro Magnum Shockwave.
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JSUW2016 JSRiD2016