Figure King #215 & #216 Hi-Res Transformers Scans – Unite Warriors Blast Off, MP Primal

The Allspark has received both issue #215 and #216 of Figure King magazine and scanned the Transformers related material for your viewing pleasure.  Masterpiece Optimus Primal is the focus of both issues, with 215 showing off the CGI render of the figure and 216 showing off the gray resin prototype.  In issue 216 we also have our first close look at the prototype for Unite Warriors Blast Off.  Blast Off is an entirely new figure, much like Groove was for Unite Warriors Defensor, and replaces the Slingshot redeco from the Hasbro release.  The final deco for Unite Warriors Bruticus will be revealed in next month’s Figure King.  Also covered is LG-19 Springer, posed with other modern 1986 movie updates, LG-20 Skids, and Adventure Megatronus and Springload among other Adventure releases.  Also covered is the QTF Clear Starscream available with 3,000 or more purchase at Toys R Us.

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