BotCon 2016 Five Figure Combiner Predacus Revealed!

On the official BotCon Facebook we have our first look at the mighty combined form of the 5 Predacons from the Dawn of Predacus box set – PREDACUS!  Predacus is comprised of Voyager Sea Clamp, Deluxes Cicadacon, Ramhorn, Tarantulas, and Ravage!  Predacus features an all new head sculpt (as do 4 of the 5 individual members of the team) based on the Beast Wars Tripredacus combiner from 1997.  This set is sure to be a hit with both Combiner Wars and Beast Wars fans alike.

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It is finally here. The DAWN OF THE PREDACUS! Check out the near final sample for this fearsome Combiner Wars Predacon, available exclusively through BotCon! For more information visit
Posted by BotCon (Official) on Friday, January 15, 2016