BotCon 2016 Dawn of Predacus Character Art & Exclusive Tidbits

The folks at BotCon have been busy relaying news about the upcoming convention on their Twitter page.  First off BotCon has revealed the artwork for the 5 Predacons included in the ‘Dawn of Predacus’ box set.  The lineup includes Ramhorn, Sea Clamp, Cicadacon, Tarantulas, and Ravage all with artwork done in the style of the other Combiner Wars figures.  Next up for a bit of news is that the Custom Class figure has a head not currently available at retail – could we be getting one of the alternate head sculpts for the Combiner Wars figures we seen hints at?  Next up is that the Primus Package attendee incentive / freebie figure has an all new head sculpt not seen any where else at the convention – this means an all new head sculpt newly created by Fun Publications.

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