TakaraTomy Unite Warriors UW-06 Grand Galvatron Revealed!

TakaraTomy Mall has released images of their latest Unite Warriors box set, and boy is this one a doozy!  TakaraTomy is releasing many of the previously unreleased (in Japan) and unused alternate toolings for their next Decepticon themed combiner, Grand Galvatron!  Grand Galvatron is a combiner consisting of a very cartoon accurate version of Voyager Cyclonus dubbed Tactician Cyclonus, a retool of Skydive as Ghost Starscream (using a previously unreleased G1 Seeker head), a retool of Air Raid dubbed Curse Armada Thrust (based on the conehead from the Unicron trilogy), a redeco of Offroad based on Prime Breakdown called Zombie War Breakdown (remembering that Prime Breakdown was called War Breakdown by TakaraTomy), and last but not least a redeco of Rook as Wandering Roller (based on the IDW character and former partner of Optimus Prime)!  They all combine into a form resembling the toy version of Galvatron (known as Galvatron II through some media)!  Like most Unite Warriors releases this is a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive with preorders open from December 8th 12 PM Japanese Time (which has already occurred as of this writing) to January 7th, 2016 1PM Japanese Time.

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