Platinum Planet of Junk?? TRU Canada Says It Is Coming!

Thanks to fellow Transformers fan Novabeam10 over at the TFW2005 boards, we have a snap shot of an interesting listing in the Toys R Us Canada computer systems.
The listing is as follows:

Fan built combiner 778971 149.99
Menasor 778969 149.99
Superion 778966 149.99
Planet of Junk Platinum set 736239 109.99

We all know the Fan built combiner to be Victorian.  The Menasor and Superion listings appear to be the G2 Box Sets.  The most interesting listing though appears to be “Planet of Junk Platinum set” for $109.99 (Canadian).  What could this listing be??  A new box set of figures who appeared on the Planet of Junk?  Magnus?  Junkion repaints?  Join in the discussion here and see the speculation from the fandom as to what this intriguing listing could be!


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