Kenji Saito Discusses The Birth Of Transformers: Devastation

GameSpot has just released a full interview with Kenji Saito on how Transformers: Devastation came to be.

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Kenji Saito could be an action hero. Lightning bolt patterns are buzzed into his hair, he sits with perfect posture, arms folded. You could almost call him intimidating, if it weren’t for the warm glint in his eyes and the unchecked enthusiasm in his voice when he speaks about games. He speaks through an almost bashful smile, and although he sits forward with his elbows on the table, he holds his chin high in a thoughtful manner. He’s just wrapped up work as the director onTransformers: Devastation, but he doesn’t have the tired stare of a developer at the end of a game cycle. He looks and sounds energized.

“I got a request from [executive producer Atsushi] Inaba-san, a big proposal for Transformers,” he says, recalling how he became lead on the project. “I thought it sounded cool. I wrote up a pitch and we gave it to Activision and they were like, ‘Yeah, we like it!’ Pretty simple, I guess! It was kind of the same with Rising. Inaba-san will request things pretty suddenly and you’ll be like, ‘What? Okay. All right!'”